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Edith B Molanar

A Independent Business Entrepreneur and Filmaker

Ms. Edith Beres Molnar basically based in the astounding & beautiful country of Hungary and has been a dedicated mother, an Independent Business Entrepreneur and a stunning Filmmaker throughout her life. If we’re going to list her many accomplishments, it’s surely going to be a really long list.

  • Birthday: 11th April 1939
  • Location: Vienna, Austria
  • Study: MAFILM
  • Website: example.com
  • Age:: 79
  • Home: Budapest, Hungary
  • Degree: Director in film making
  • Email: support@example.com


1. "It is useless to argue with those who have renounced the use of reason - as to administer medication to the dead" Thomas Jefferson

2. "Always have...always will...whereever you are...love you dearly"

3. "Peace can not be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding" Albert Einstein

4. "Don't expect much in live; happiness is like snowflake,like soft breeze magical dance on a flower-cup" Alexander Sik

My Achievements

My Achievements

  • Studied Hungarian & Russian Literature at the Teacher’s College.
  • She used to be a loving & reputable teacher at the Hungarian State School, (1960-1968)
  •  Her Interests majorly includes being a ‘good mother’, writing & Filmmaking.
  • As a teenager she faced the tough times of 1956 Hungarian Revolution against Soviet Terror.
  • In 1971, she later migrated to the west i.e., USA for a better & peaceful life.
  • Studied filmmaking at the MAFILM, Hungary. (1968-1971)
  • Worked as an Assistant director at MAFILM, Hungary.
  • Assistant Manager at the Douglas Film-Studio.(1972-1974)
  • Former Owner & Manager at an Independent Business Entrepreneur at San Antonio, Texas. (1974-1993)
  • Being a devoted artist and a single mother. Edith surely met all the demands of her kids and made them achieve great things in life. A critic once said "Her colorful life-track, as a young widow and single mother, shows us a very strong voice created by hardship"

My Portfolio

Here are some of the memorable Glimpses of Edith’s Life.